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AI-optimized options trade perspectives


We simplify the options trading process.

Through OptionRecom’s proprietary AI models, the learning curve is smoothed, time is reclaimed, and risk is drastically cut back—elevating trading outcomes for all.

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  • Organize your trading path
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Monthly Performance: June 2023 to April 2024

Our trades are divided into two risk tiers based on our predictive models’ backtesting accuracy:

  • Mild Risk: 95-97% accuracy
  • Minimal Risk: 97-99% accuracy

We utilize two types of models:

  • Short Expiry models (10-20 DTE): Available since 2023, they cater to shorter trading cycles.
  • Long Expiry models (20-30 DTE): Launched in Feb. 2024, these models target longer durations. Results from these are not yet shown in the plots.


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Unlock a 10% saving with our “Half-yearly 10% discount” on 6-month plans and beyond.
Instead of standard subscriptions, we offer multi-month purchases. See our FAQs for details.


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  • Get up to 5 AI-optimized trade perspectives each trading day
  • Experience Mild Risk tier featuring Bull Put and Bear Call Spreads
  • Access valid for one full month
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Dive into enhanced features

$69 /month

  • Get up to 20 AI-optimized trade perspectives each trading day
  • Experience Mild and Minimal Risk tiers featuring Bull Put and Bear Call Spreads
  • Get access to in-progress trades—ideal for late arrivals
  • Priority email support
Premium Plus

Tailored for serious traders

$99 /month

  • Everything in Premium
  • Access to extended options expiry range: 20-30 DTE
  • Receive near real-time trigger alert notifications via an exclusive Telegram channel
  • Insights for managing ITM and at-risk positions pre-expiry

FAQs - General

What features does the Freemium plan offer at no cost?

The Freemium plan offers up to 5 AI-informed trade perspectives at the Mild Risk tier (95-97% accuracy) per trading day. We suggest you make the most of this one-month plan.

Can you verify the claimed 95% accuracy of your AI's trading insights?

While we don't provide direct evidence here, we urge you to take advantage of our Freemium plan to verify our claim firsthand. If our trading insights don't hold up, you're free to leave, as we value accuracy over mere marketing gimmicks.

Can I start with the Premium plan without trying the Freemium one?

Absolutely, you can. However, we strongly recommend beginning with the Freemium plan to familiarize yourself with our systems and processes.

Are there discounts on the Premium and Premium Plus plans?

Indeed, there are! For commitments of 6 months or longer, you can snap up a 10% saving with our “Half-yearly 10% discount”.

Why aren't standard monthly subscriptions available?

We anticipate updating our pricing structure in the coming months. If you're considering going Premium, we recommend purchasing several months in advance to secure the current rates.

What is your refund policy?

We don't issue refunds for one- or multiple-month purchases. We recommend exploring our Freemium plan first.

Having just joined the waitlist, do I need to pay for the Premium Plus plan immediately?

Not at all. However, by joining the waitlist now, you secure the current price, preventing any future price increases when the plan officially launches.

What is the estimated wait time for the Premium Plus plan waitlist?

We anticipate launching the Premium Plus plan, which includes access to the extended options expiry range (20-30 DTE), in Q1 2024 or earlier.

What level of market and options trading knowledge do I need for OptionRecom?

You should be comfortable with basic options trading jargon and concepts. Newbies are recommended to use our Freemium plan for hands-on learning. Always remember to invest only what you're comfortable losing.

Is OptionRecom compatible with all devices?

Yes, OptionRecom is optimized for use on mobile, tablet, and desktop. However, for better visibility of large tables on mobile devices, switching to portrait mode is necessary.

FAQs - Technical

What options strategies have been optimized so far?

As of Q1 2024, we've optimized the "Bear Call Spread" and "Bull Put Spread" strategies. We are currently optimizing additional options strategies, which are set to be released by the end of Q2 2024.

Any sneak peeks on the advanced options strategies?

We're optimizing some fascinating strategies for our potential Premium Plus users. We're keeping the details under wraps for now, but rest assured, it's worth the wait!

How does the Mild Risk tier differ from the Minimal Risk one?

Both tiers use AI optimization. Mild Risk delivers a 95-97% accuracy rate, while Minimal Risk impresses with a minimum accuracy of 97%.

Doesn't 10-20 trade perspectives per trading day seem like overkill?

Absolutely not! Bear in mind that a trade perspective doesn't always convert into an actual trade idea. For that to happen, it must surpass its "Trigger Price", a scenario that unfolds merely less than 15% of the time. This equates to just a few, and sometimes no trade ideas per trading day!

What is the real-time trigger alert notification?

This represents a near real-time trading perspective notification. If a ticker surpasses its "Trigger Price", you receive a prompt to check out the perspective. Please note, there may be a delay of up to 2 minutes for these notifications.

Are the estimated options premium prices in real-time?

No, all displayed options premium values serve as rough estimations. Please note that options premium pricing can fluctuate significantly during a live trading day.

Do I have the freedom to analyze ongoing trade perspectives?

Yes, you are certainly at liberty to analyze any ongoing trade perspectives, bearing in mind that the value of a premium can fluctuate considerably over time. It's essential to remember that timing can be a critical factor in trading!

When is the right time to close a trade and lock in profits?

Our AI models suggest that you might consider closing a trade when you've secured between 40-80% of the collected premium. This information, however, should be viewed as part of your broader analysis, not as definitive advice. Remember, we do not offer financial advice and we encourage you to take all aspects into account when making trading decisions.

Can trade outcomes always match expectations? Is it possible to avoid losses entirely?

While our AI models aim for accuracy, they can't promise a risk-free experience. Remember, automated tools like ours might operate on assumptions that may not be pertinent to your unique situation. Check out this link for more information.

How should I react if a trade underperforms? Are roll-forward or stop-loss strategies applicable?

Our models currently assume a fixed $1000 margin for all trade perspectives. Underperforming trades might warrant a roll forward strategy or implementing a stop loss, depending on your trading approach. However, Premium Plus users access insights generated by our machine learning models for managing in-the-money (ITM) positions and those at risk ahead of expiry dates. It's crucial to remember that our platform does not provide financial advice but rather AI-driven analyses to inform your trading decisions.

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